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Travel from Montevideo to Punta del Este


The bus service in Uruguay is of a fairly good quality. Two bus companies, named COT and COPSA operate between Montevideo and Punta del Este. Buses depart from Terminal Tres Cruces at Montevideo, having a stop at the Carrasco Airport to pick up arriving passengers. Both companies have commercial offices at Tres Cruces Terminal but only COT has a commercial office at the Carrasco Airport. The distance from Montevideo to Punta del Este is approximately 140 Km, which takes the bus 2 h 05′ from Montevideo and 1h 35′ from Carrasco Airport.

Airport Bus Stop: The Bus Stop is located in front of the Airport Exit, beware that buses with destinations other than Punta del Este also stop at the Airport Stop, therefore please make sure to check that the sign stating the destination at the upper front of the bus you are are going to board reads: “Punta del Este”.

Bus Schedule: Buses to Punta del Este pass by the airport approximately every 30 minutes. If you want detailed information, go to the web pages of the bus companies: COT schedule, COPSA schedule.

Tickets: You can buy the ticket on the bus after boarding, or in case of choosing COT at the counter on their commercial office, which location can be seen in the map. It is convenient to buy the ticket before boarding the bus, in order to secure a seat. The Bus fare from Carrasco Airport to Punta del Este is 272$ (uruguayan pesos), which is about 9,5 U$S. Buses boarded at Tres cruces or the Punta del Este Terminal have a boarding tax fare in addition to the regular fare, which is 13$ (0.5 U$S). Keep in mind that after boarding the bus you can only pay in uruguayan pesos while at the commercial office you can also pay with credit card. Money exchange are 24 hours open in the Airport Hall, you will find also Automatic Teller Machines there.

Taxi: There is only one taxi company, Taxis Aeropuerto, authorized to provide taxi, remise and van’s services at Carrasco’s International Airport. There are two offices inside the Airport, one located next to the baggage carrier belt and the other at the Arrivals Hall. You can pay in cash (U$S, euros, pesos uruguayos, reales, pesos argentinos) or with major credit cards, either in the offices or directly to the taxi driver. The taxi fare from Carrasco Airport to Punta del Este is 6800 $ (240 U$S).

Map of Punta del Este